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The German noun phrase

German noun phrases seem to always be a source of confusion for learners. They certainly were for me, but over time, I've figured out a system to make sense of »

Common pronunciation differences between languages

When you start to study a new language, something you should watch out for is interference from the phonology of your native language. In a nutshell, this is where you »

Underlying representations to conquer irregularities

There's a system I use to make memorizing different rules and irregularities, particularly in word inflections, much easier. Every word, every sentence, every utterance in general has, on the phonological »

Getting started with French

You've decided to learn French, but have no idea where to start? This page should be helpful. It's a rough guide I threw together that should help you get started. »

Understanding the IPA Chart

What is the IPA? The IPA stands for "International Phonetic Alphabet", and the idea is to have a system of symbols that unambiguously transcribe human speech. There are »